If you’re a first-time parent, putting together the nursery for when you bring your little one home can be overwhelming. Choosing how you’ll decorate it or deciding what a necessary purchase is and what might not be essential for your baby’s nursery is a tricky game, especially since you’ve never done anything like this before.

You can get different advice from multiple people in your life, but there’s no question that only a few things are truly essential for the new member of your family.

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How can you know if something is necessary or unnecessary?

When thinking about it, try to picture the routine you’ll have once your baby’s home and the tools to make it as smooth as possible. This is how you can differentiate what’s useful from what isn’t.

Here are some of the items that are must-haves for your baby’s room:

1. A crib with a mattress: If the mattress is stiff enough and you keep the crib clear of any objects that could fall on your baby, this is the safest way in which your baby can take his naps or sleep at night.

A crib with mattress

2. A rocking chair and nursing pillow:
This combo will be your best friend when you need to suit your little one in the middle of the night or you’re feeding them breakfast so you can be comfortable while spending this precious time with them.

A rocking chair and nursing pillow
3. Changing table with a changing pad:
If you have a small space for your nursery or you just want to have extra storage space, a dresser with a changing table is your perfect fit. This is perfect to change your baby and have everything you need in hand – like your diapers, wipes, creams, etc. – and you can also use the extra room to put away clothes, towels, blankets, etc.

Changing table with a changing pad
4. A baby monitor:
Finally, a good baby monitor needs to be present in your baby’s nursery to keep an eye on them at all times and be sure that they’re safe. Be sure to choose a monitor that allows you to stream on your phone and other devices and has a wall mount option to secure it in place.

Baby monitor Peekababy

After reviewing the options above, did you consider them before? Do you already have these essentials ready? Remember that you can arm yourself with our Peekababy baby monitor to always keep an eye on your baby.

April 13, 2023 — Support Customer
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