Introducing the Bird Feeder Bamboo: A Sustainable and Stylish Addition to Bird Lover's Backyard

On 10th July, 2023, Birdfy team announces the launch of its new Bird Feeder Bamboo, a breakthrough product that combines eco-friendliness, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. This nature-inspired feeder is designed to provide a safe haven for birds while adding a touch of natural beauty to bird enthusiast's garden.
Birdfy feeder bamboo

More Environmentally-friendly Option
With a strong commitment to sustainability, this Bird Feeder Bamboo distinguishes itself by embodying environmental consciousness among its competitors. Crafted from FSC-certified natural bamboo, the new feeder is proven to be free of harmful substances, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Natural-looking Design
Birdfy's Bird Feeder Bamboo is durably designed to withstand moisture and provide long-lasting performance in outdoor environments. Its resistance to mold and deformation ensures a pollution-free and non-toxic feeding solution, in line with contemporary environmental principles. Moreover, the natrual-looking design enables the feeder to seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment, enticing birds and adding a captivating aesthetic touch to users' garden.

Reliable and Practical Design
Engineered with utmost convenience in mind, this Bamboo Feeder continues the legacy of the previous Birdfy series by prioritizing user-friendliness. It has been meticulously designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring effortless installation and cleaning procedures. Its bottom plate can be easily removed, facilitating convenient cleaning and maintenance to create a hygienic environment for the birds. Furthermore, the feeder incorporates small drainage holes that effectively prevent moisture buildup in the food, thereby inhibiting bacterial growth and safeguarding the birds' well-being.

Birdfy Feeder Bamboo - close-up

Dual Separate Seed Bins
The new feeder also showcases an innovative dual seed bin design, offering multiple advantages. Not only does it provide ample space to store a variety of bird food options, but it also effectively doubles the seed capacity, reducing the frequency of refills and enhancing convenience. It also enables the simultaneous provision of different types of birdseed, perfectly catering to the diverse feeding preferences of various bird species. Moreover, This Bird Feeder Bamboo boasts an expandable bird perch, providing ample space for more birds to perch and enjoy their meal.

Birdfy Towards More Possibilities
Incorporating all the features of the existing Birdfy Feeder, the new Bird Feeder Bamboo also provides an unparalleled birdwatching experience. Offering 1080P color night vision and 8X magnification, this sustainable smart bird feeder allows users to capture detailed images and videos of visiting birds. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, it automatically identifies the most common bird species, ensuring users never miss a moment. This revolutionary, sustainable smart bird detective camera serves as a perfect gift for bird lovers. To learn more, visit their website and pre-order now:

Birdfy feeder bamboo - camera

July 11, 2023 — Support Customer

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