We recently had the delightful opportunity to launch a live stream event featuring our flagship product, Netvue's Birdfy smart bird feeder. We can confidently say that it was an informative and entertaining hour for all involved.

During our live session, we provided a comprehensive overview of the Birdfy smart bird feeder, covering essential details such as its structure, appearance, assembly instructions, and how to connect it to your phone. We also shared helpful reminders, including tips for battery charging and effective methods to keep pesky squirrels at bay.

Furthermore, we delivered a demonstration showcasing three distinct installation methods for the bird feeder in various locations. This hands-on experience truly brought the versatility of the product to life, ensuring that everyone left with a clear understanding of how to set up their own Birdfy smart bird feeder.

We also showcased our extraordinary range of products designed to enhance the Birdfy experience, including the remarkable add-ons: Birdfy Hummee Extension and Birdfy Pro Perch Extension. These innovative additions, consisting of the "Mini Hummingbird Feeder," "Fruit Holder," "Water Container," "Welcome Card," and "Suet Ball Container," allow for customization to attract a variety of birds with unique preferences. The response from our audiences was truly exceptional, with enthusiastic feedback pouring in.

And guess what, We have two rounds of "Give Away" , and audiences that sent "I love Birdfy" in the live chat box all had the chance to win special gifts of the two extensions! Everybody was thrilled and gave us their love. We would like to congratulate those who won our special gifts!

The interaction between our anchors and audiences is absolutely incredible. We answered lots of practical questions raised by audiences about our products and shared some interesting moments in using Birdfy bird feeder.

At the end of our live stream, we let out a big surprise!
The detailed presentation of our brand new product "Birdfy Nest"! A smart birdhouse with dual HD close-up cameras and AI recognition: capture and cherish the beauty of birds' life on your phone anytime anywhere.

If you are interested in watching the entire live stream, click HERE to tune in!

About Birdfy Nest

The response to Netvue's "Birdfy Nest" in the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been outstanding! Our dedicated team is now diligently working to prepare the products, with the aim of commencing the initial shipments to the first batch of customers in July.

If you yearn to witness the entire nesting and hatching process of your feathered friends or immerse yourself in a captivating season-long live stream documentary on your phone, then Netvue's "Birdfy Nest" is undeniably the perfect choice for you.

The pre-order phase for the "Birdfy Nest" has already commenced. "First come, first served", the season for birds is coming, you can't miss it!

June 09, 2023 — Support Customer

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