Baby’s sleep
Getting a good
night's sleep is essential for all humans, and it’s extremely important for your baby's development. Sleeping regularly and in an adequate way allows your baby’s body and mind to have time to develop to process skills and the experiences that they may’ve gone through during the day. 

Sleep also helps your baby improve their motor development, and helps with their mood, their speech, and their attention span. These are some of the reasons your baby’s sleep is important, but which are the top reasons why you should prioritize it?

Sleeping baby with parents
  1. Sleep helps their immune system to stay healthy: When your baby is sleeping, their body produces proteins that help them beat infections and illnesses.
  2. Proper sleep helps your baby grow: When their little body is sleeping, they release growth hormones, which are connected to the baby’s height, their muscle mass, and their bone density.
  3. Good sleep helps families function best! If your baby is not sleeping properly, neither are you. This can lead to being in a bad mood and your baby acting out. Even more, sleep deprivation can worsen postpartum depression, and marital conflict can also affect breastfeeding negatively. If your baby is sleeping properly and safely, you’ll also get the best night's sleep!
Remember that proper sleeping also includes safe sleeping, which is why it’s highly recommended to avoid having blankets, toys, or stuffed animals around your baby’s crib – or wherever they’re sleeping – and to have a baby monitor camera on their nursery to be able to watch them, especially if you have a smart monitor – like our Peekababy monitor – that can help you monitor your baby’s sleep!

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April 20, 2023 — Support Customer
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