We’ve all heard that babies grow too fast, usually referring to their physical growth and how they seem to outgrow their clothing rapidly, however, this rapid growth is not only physical, it also happens in their mental development.

Knowing the milestones your baby is supposed to achieve and when to be on the lookout for them is essential for their development, so you can be aware of what type of tools in the form of toys can favor these milestones.

What are baby milestones?

Your little one will change and achieve a lot during their first year. Each goal they reach in their development is called a “milestone”.

Some examples of these milestones include:
  • Babbling
  • Holding and shaking a toy
  • Social smiling
  • Rolling from tummy to back
  • Recognizing familiar people
  • Sitting without support

What are the best toys for your baby’s development?

You’ll need to consider safety and simplicity when thinking about these toys, something that encourages exploration and sparks their curiosity is the best way to go. Also, consider the milestone your baby is supposed to achieve.
For example, if they are supposed to begin sitting without support, an activity gym may be the best option to help them develop those muscles.

Some examples of toys that you can consider to help with your baby’s development are:
  • Play Gym
  • Activity Pad
  • Sensory Strands
  • Ball Rattle toy
  • Activity bar
  • Soft books

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